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My new Work Tote!

October 6, 2013

So as i mentioned in a previous blog, I bought Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing book.  This is another one of her projects that she calls “All-Day Tote”  I’m calling it my work tote because that’s what I’ll be using this tote for.  Even though I used all her dimensions, I made some modifications that will work better purpose.



The tote, after completion is approximately 14″ wide x 10″ tall and 6″ deep.  I used her suggestion of choosing a thicker canvas type fabric since it will be used a lot.  I decided to chose a dark pattern, and something that could go with all my work outfits.  I’m a big fan of the vintage chic/ french modern country style hence the pattern you see.

What did i change?

  1. Lotta’s pattern had a large front side pocket for news papers etc, but I choose not to put one on since I don’t read the paper and I thought a side pocket wasn’t very practical to be honest.
  2. Lotta only had one side pocket for a water bottle, but I chose to have two, so i just added another one.
  3. I sewed an interface lining to all the panels to make it sturdier.
  4. and instead of folding the edges of the inside pocket in and then sewing it to the inside lining, I chose to line my inside pocket.  Since my lining was black, it’s hard to see, so I also picked a different pattern so that the pocket would be more visible to me.  I won’t be using this tote as a purse so it didn’t bother me that the lining pocket was visible.




Yes! the side pocket fits my thermos perfectly! I decided to add the additional pocket on the other side because it rains a lot in vancouver…so the other side will be for my small umbrella 🙂



If you look closely you’ll see my inside pocket and that it is a different patterned fabric.  I also made the two sides more equal in shape because I’m not quite sure what I’ll be using them for.

One thing I wish I had done… I wish I went with my gut to make the tote a bit taller and the straps long enough to be a shoulder tote…but I have lots of left over maybe I’ll make a matching larger tote another day!

Happy Crafting everyone!

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