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My Apron Sewing Project

September 17, 2013

So as you all may know.. I took up sewing this past year and I’ve completed all the projects that I’ve started.  The sewing projects have been fairly simple, and I’ve been made mistakes here and there, and I’ve learned from that too.

So, awhile back now, probably after christmas, I bought a sewing book that had patterns that I could use by Lotta Jansdotter: Simple Sewing.  There are a few projects in here that I would like to try, but the one that caught my eye first was an apron!  I mean, I already have aprons of my own, but I really wanted to make one and so I did…

Lotta has two apron patterns to learn from, one is a cafe apron that just wraps around your waste, and the other is a reversible full apron.  Her reversible apron didn’t have pockets, but her cafe apron had a mitt cutout pocket, so I decided that I wanted to add mitten pockets to my apron too!

I must say, they did turn out to be quite the hassle to sew.  The book tries to teach you how to fold the outer edges of the mitt over to sew, but that DID NOT work out for me.  So I ended up cutting out extra pieces and sewed them together, and now i have lined pockets! Which is even better! 🙂  I would say this is the HARDEST PART.

And TA DA! Here’s the end product! I must say.. I LOVE IT!



I love how it’s reversible! I also DOUBLED the length of the waist strap so that I can wrap it around the front and tie it in the back.  It makes the apron look more flattering I like 🙂  I know it took me time to make, but 3 metres of fabric and thread only cost about $20. so I think it was a STEAL!  I’ve seen how much modern aprons cost now a days and they’re not cheap! Especially the cute ones! 🙂

IMG_3164 IMG_3165


They’re actually a really good size apron because they also wrap around your waist for added clothing projection! When I finished this project i was SO PROUD of myself! lol I did NOT want to take it off!

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