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The start of my Wedding Scrapbook

March 4, 2013

I know.. it’s been almost 6 months since our wedding, and only NOW am I starting that scrapbook? :p Yes.. to be honest, planning a wedding and doing renovations at the same time really took all my creative juices! lol  For awhile I knitted…then I was sewing..but now.. I’m going back to paper crafting, where the real creativity started for me.  To be honest, the pages that I’ll be showing you I made prior to the wedding because it was apart of my guestbook.  Instead of just having a plain guestbook for people to sign, I created a scrapbook of our engagement pictures to share, and people signed their names on 12×12 white cardstock.  I won’t be sharing the whole book in one go though 🙂 Here’s the first page:





Ok…< not everything on here is Stampin’ Up material…but to be honest, 90% on this page is.. I think the only thing that isn’t stampin up is the hemp twine and white flowers.  Otherwise, everything else is them.  If you’re wondering who my photographers were, they are called Pure Souls Photography They are amazing artists and Kent and I absolutely loved them! 🙂  anywho… better get going!

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