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My Wedding Invitations

October 22, 2012

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted for my wedding invitation.  I really wanted to make my own of course and it had to be cost efficient.  I didn’t want to make anything that would cost me over $1.50.  I really procrastinated over the design as well…I wanted to make something that people would remember and go, “wow, what a lovely invitation”

So, when I sent them out and got that reaction 🙂 I was absolutely ecstatic!


I hand stamped the front cover to create my own patterned paper…..and I used the big shot to cut out the edglit to make it curly, but I did double the work, cause I had to cut the red invitation and the black boarder, then I embossed it with the curly embossing folder.

It’s trifold as you can see, with inserts of the information and a map designed by one of my Bridesmaids Dee (who has a GREAT Vancouver Food Blog:

You can’t really tell from my photos, but I ‘watermarked” the invitation, and the RSVP card.  Similar to something like the Save the Date Card.

And to finish it off, instead of using a ribbon, I made a paper ribbon that slid around the invitation

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