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My Wedding Invitation!

July 16, 2012

Hellooooooo my long lost crafting friends.. sorry I’ve been MIA.  I promise there’s a good excuse though! 🙂  Wedding planning and house renovations have pretty much taken up all of my free time… Not that crafting isn’t apart of my life anymore.. It’s just that everything I’m making.. I can’t show you until AFTER MY WEDDING!  Which is on Sept. 08, 2012!!!  There’s only 54 days left! EEEKKK!!! The major things are done.. now it’s just all the details!

Since everyone has long received their invitations.. I though I would share that with you!  I very carefully stamped and created my own patterned paper.. Do I recommend doing that? Only if  you have a lot of patience and loveeeeeeeeeeee doing it!  I stamped each front page 7 times…..and that’s only the front!  Oh but first off..I had to measure out, cut and score the paper….. and cut the edge before I stamped!

I Used Adorning Accents Edgelits to cut out the edge to have that curly shape… before I stamped…But I still had to do this twice..once on the red..then once on the black…..then I had to glue the black piece onto the inside of the red…..then I embossed the edge with the Adorning Accents folders….. Lots of work? oh yes…..

But isn’t the end result pretty???? The Picture really doesn’t give it any justice!!

This is the inside…. You can’t see it very well, but I’ve water stained the invitation and the RSVP too.  My friend created the map for us.  Oh and I almost forgot I made all the paper ribbon to go around the invitation too…

Lets just say I never want to make another Wedding Invitation again! oi…..

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