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Save the Dates

December 31, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while now… life’s been busy and I haven’t been in that much of a crafty mood.  However, I did promise you all that I would post my save the dates once I’ve sent them out to family and friends…. 🙂

Kent and I have chosen our wedding colours a while back.  Well to be honest, I chose the wedding colours and he didn’t disagree hehehe.  I don’t even remember if I told you all about them, but we picked, black, white and cherry cobbler (red).

At first, we thought about a super formal wedding, then we thought that didn’t match our personalities at all!  We’re not formal people, we’re casual and fun and relaxed people who just like to have a good time!  so we went with simple and fum 🙂  What’s more simple and fun than a post card! 🙂

So here’s the front and back of the card.  I used a stamp I found elsewhere (not STAMPIN UP??? EEKKK!!! lol) and used it as a tea stain on the card.  We got lots of great compliments on the Save the dates… Not that i’m tootting my own horn or anything *winK* lol

We did have to send some of our save the dates out to family and friends so here’s the envelope…

I know.. I stamped the envelope… Stampin Up has taught me well.. never leave an envelope blank lol

Happy New Year Everyone!

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