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Where I’ve been Part 3

November 21, 2011

So the main reason that Ellen, Darren, Kent and I all went to Ontario in the first place back in October was because our cousin Melissa got married!  It was a very exciting day that started at Melissa’s and Vince’s apartment.  Traditionally, for Chinese weddings, the groom and his entourage must come and pick up the bride.  However, before the groom can actually pick up the bride….all the bride’s “sisters” will test the groom and his friends to make sure that he is ‘worthy’ of the bride!.   I know old school right?  Nowadays it’s just all about the fun and games …FUN being the main word…heheh

This is where the negotiations begin… hehehhee see the red envelopes in his hand?  He’s suppose to pay his way in… (but they were all empty..they were just using a pile of envelopes for show hahaha!)

So now they’re in…….they had perform a couple of tasks…..The girls bought some Bueno chocolate bars…where the boys had to pass it from groomsmen to groomsmen with their mouth………….

Second all other teenage girls.. Melissa loves her boybands, and Vince (her husband) is a bit of a singer and dancer himself soo….the girls played a boy band video that the boys had to RE PERFORM! hehehe I have it on video…. it’s pretty hilarious!  They didn’t have to perform the whole thing, just a section of it…it was good 🙂

So now for the flavours of life…. sweet…..they ate a teaspoon of honey….Sour…they drank a cup of LEMON JUICE with pure lemon juice straight from concentrate!

And following that…..the the flavour of bitter… they ate bitter squash (literal translation of what it’s called in Chinese.. I’m not sure what this squash is actually called hahah) and SPICYYYYYYY so they had to eat the spiciest chicken wings the girls could find hehe

After they have tasted the flavours of life…..and given the “sister’s” lucky money…..they felt that Vince was worthy to marry Melissa…hehehe awwwww aren’t they cute? 🙂

Everyone…this is COHEN! isn’t he ADORABLE! He’s only about.. 7months?? He’s soooo goooddd!!! He doesn’t cry at all! and he’s just the sweetest little baby!  Elise is on the far right picture…she’s his mom!  Cohen has an older brother Jacob who’s the ring bearer….WHO WILL BE MY RING BEARER TOO!!! He’ll show up in a little bit…. so now off to the church we go!

My beautiful cousin Melissa….. xoxo!

There’s Jacob!!! and there are my parents……!!!

ya! they’re married!!!  I’m now just going to post random pictures from the reception!  All my wonderful family 🙂

…and that was my 10 day Ontario Trip!!! 🙂

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