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Where have I been Part 2

November 5, 2011

So last I left off, we were on our way to Montreal….

Last stop was Queens University for lunch…and the next thing you know, we’ve checked in to the Marriott (with itty bitty elevators and itty bitty parking spaces!).  I was told that Montreal had some aggressive drivers, and that you’re not allowed to turn right on a right light, like you are allowed to do in many other places.  I did not drive in Montreal because I don’t like driving in places where I’m not familiar with.  But we knew we could just leave our

Anywho.. we checked in, dropped off our bags and went hunting for food…..We stumbled upon this bar/brewery, which was really busy so we thought “hey the food MUST be good right? and it was!  The beer was good too! hehe We later found out that it was a chain pub/brewery because we saw this place EVERYWHERE! It’s like the Cactus Club/Earls of Montreal really.

The next day, we decided to walk down to Old Montreal, visit Chinatown, maybe the Olympic stadium? and find the yummy smoked meat shop that everyone said we just had to try!

This is China Town

This is old Montreal

This is Schwart’s, where they have the BEST smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal..or so we’ve been told… It’s also 1/2 pound of meat! Needless to say….we didn’t eat dinner until VERY LATE that night…. LOL

Our last day in Montreal we visited Mount Royal, ate some really good and greasy poutine, had really good dessert, and a DECLIOUS french food.  We also walked A LOT.. but it was needed since we ate so much!

 After walking to the top, which has a great view, we visited the lake they had too.

After all the walking around the “mountain”, which took us around 2-3 hours, we walked another 10 blocks or more, to get to the ‘BEST’ poutine place in Montreal.  Now, I don’t know if this place is actually the ‘best’ there is..but they sure did have A LOT OF OPTIONS!


And guess what we did right after poutine?? We walked about 20 blocks or so… 30-45 min to get DESSERT! hehehe mmm Chocolate Fondue.. it was SO GOOD!

We then walked around some more, did more exploring and shopping and went back to the the hotel before dinner to rest.  The last night we were in Montreal we went to a yummy french restaurant that the Hotel recommended.  I don’t remember the name, but I had the mushroom risotto… SOO GOOD! Kent had the rabbit, which tasted like lamb/texture was a bit like beef.. I wasn’t a fan.  Ellen had mussels, really good! and Darren had the Steak and frites.  Least to say.. we ATE AND WALKED a lot in Montreal and HAD A BLAST!!!

Of course there’s more to our trip!  But I’ll save it for a part 3!

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