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Christmas Card Swap-a-rooo

September 4, 2011

Happy long weekend everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your last long weekend before school starts up again.  I don’t have kids yet, but I used to be one!, and I always remembered the flurry of busy right before school started.  Mom! did you buy me lunch meat…did you buy me BREAD? did you buy me snacks?  Oh no! I need one more binder!!! etc etc…. of course we all leave everything LAST MINUTE! So typical of us humans to be not organized right? hehehehe well I’m going to give you a head start on your CHRISTMAS CARDS!

I made this Christmas card for a christmas card swap I did at convention:

This card is kinda an all in one card….

See you pull out the middle and TA-DA! you get to right your message on the inside! Isnt it pretty? 🙂  I like it… hehehe If you want to learn how to make this card, keep an eye out on my STAMP A STACK OF CHRISTMAS CARDS CLASS! Maybe….just maybe….. I’ll be creating a card JUST like this one! 🙂 *hint hint*

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