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LOL I’m such a goof ball!

May 16, 2011

You know what I just realized?? I never posted my DAY 1 scrapbook pages for you guys to see!!! hahaha Well.. this is a little backwards…..but here it is! LOL

Anywho.. as you will see… I’m using a the color scheme of navy blue, real red and white for the pages.  And these will be the dominate colors 🙂

A closer look 🙂  We went to the Olive Garden the first night we were there.  I think this was my first time there and to be honest I don’t see what the big deal about this place is.  The wait to get in took forever…but it was dinner time and we were in Times Square.  The pasta was SUPER DRY GROSS and didn’t taste very good to be honest…. the only good thing that I liked was the bread!  LOL  but it was just loaded with butter and grease!

If you can make out the top left picture it’s Kent standing next to a pile of garbage that’s as tall as he is and he’s 6 feet tall! LOL  NYC doesn’t have alley ways or garbage bins…. so everyone just piles garbage along the sidewalks! There are exceptions of course… IE.  the upper east side….5th ave.. parts of the business district.. basically where rich people go, you will see no garbage on the street LOL

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