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Back from Vacation!

May 10, 2011

Well Hello out there!  Yes yes.. I am back, not fully because it’s going to be a super busy summer!  But I’m back for now 🙂  Well, actually I just got back from vacation!  Kent and I went to Orlando Florida to visit Mickey and the gang as well as visit….THE WONDERFUL WIZARDRY WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!  Harry Potter world is really the main reason I wanted to go LOL and I wanted to do a theme park trip.  I haven’t been back to Florida for 20 years!  12 years for Kent.

So sorry folks, this isn’t going to be a crafty blog, but a vacation story blog! I hope I won’t bore you too much.  But some of you must wonder about my life? LOL  So I thought I’d share a bit of my vacation with you since we enjoyed it so much!

First stop of the day was Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.  Here we’re lining up to go on the Tower of Terror.  Which I must say is one of the best rides out there!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this ride.  I think they’ve changed it up a little bit.  Kent had not been on it before and BOY did he have fun!  So did I!

One of the many mickey hats that I tried on.  This is a fav. picture of mine, so I thought I’d share 🙂

This is the front of the Rolling Stone roller coaster that we went on.  We actually had to line up for 90 minutes for this ride.  They ran out of fast passes by the time we went to get one boo..Was it worth the wait?  Kent would say yes…. It kinda gave me a headache cause of all the head banging against the safety pads…. sooo… was fun

The next day we went to the Magic Kingdom

Where I tired on another set of ears hehe

where we met Goofy and some other of his friends

where Kent tried to look like a Pirate..but Honestly he doesn’t have one mean bone in his he just looks like he’s sneezing…. hehe


We went to the Animal Kingdom the next day and I think this was our favourite day because our favourite roller coaster was discovered here.  We got to see tons of animals, and it was just a super relaxing and fun day 🙂  It was amazing!

See the mountain in the background?  It’s called Expedition Everst. THE BEST ROLLER COASTER IN ALL THE THEME PARKS!!

The next day we went to NASA!  The Kennedy Space Centre.  *flying sound* I CAN FLY!! hhehe Not!

Here’s Endevour,  I think it’s the shuttle that is suppose to launch..but hasn’t because they’re fixing something… it’s pretty neat to see.  This is a zoomed in picture.. cause really we’re very far way from it.  After the space centre we drove out the Outlet Mall where Kent and I spent A LOT OF MONEY! doh!

and the next day…….Universal STudio’s Islands of Adventure…..THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! WELCOME TO HOGSMEADE!!!! 🙂

Here I am enjoying my butter beer with the backdrop of a wintery Hogsmeade, while waiting in line to get into Olivanders to check out wands!

The FABULOUS HOGWARTS school of witch craft and wizardry! It’s actually a VERY amazing simulation ride! It made me a bit dizzy after though.. so if you have motion sickness..this is a nono!  A lot of rides made me a little dizzy after.. I think I’m just getting old! 😦

We then decided to go on a couple of water rides…..where THEY LITERALLY DUMPED WATER ON US!  WE were both soaked from head to toe!  I’m wringing out my dress here…….

Kent was very happy that he got to meet spiderman!

Our second last full day was the original universal studios.  I must say I was a bit disappointed… I didn’t have as much fun here… It could’ve been because I’m theme parked out…. or maybe because… the rides weren’t as exciting as all the others…. or maybe… I don’t know….

However, because we were a bit bored, and because there weren’t A MILLION OTHER KIDS in the store like at the other park….did I get a chance to actually dress up in a robe and become a GRIFFYNDOR myself!  and I’m glad I did!  Even though I look fabulous! LOL  I couldnt get myself to by it just to wear it every halloween!  the robe itself costs $100!

And our LAST day in orlando we spent at Epcot Centre where it was very relaxing… 🙂  Would I come back here again?  Maybe when I have kids……..the magic has disappeared a bit for me … however, I still had an amazing time with my wonderful boyfriend.  No matter where I go, as long as I’m with him, I’ll always be happy 🙂 hehehe

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