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Scrapin’ Away

March 27, 2011

I’ve actually been meaning to post this for the past week now, but I’ve been busy with friends and exercising!  I only have 4.5 weeks to lose 5 pounds before VACATION! YA!  I’m heading down to Orlando with Kent at the end of April/beginning of May.  So I want to be able to actually fit into shorts! LOL  Any who! I’m sure I’ll take a million of pictures and want to scrapbook them..but first I gotta finish my NYC scrapbook! ha!

I finally completed pages 5 and 6 of my NYC scrapbook! Ya! I finished these pages last week.

There really is no rhyme or reason with my layouts when I scrapbook.  I just try to find the pictures that highlight the day for us and try my best to fit everything in it.  I’m trying to be consistent with my colours though and they’re red, white, and blue.  Why?  because we went to NYC and those are the American colours! lol

I was initially going to put red and white circles as the background and fill the page with them.  But then I thought.. maybe I’m just going to be wasting paper because you won’t really see all the red and white circles! lol so I just used it as a boarder… I don’t know about you..but I LIKE IT!

and of course the pattern just continues over the next page….. can you see where we went?? 🙂


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