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RIDE Scrapbook Fundraiser

March 5, 2011

So two Saturdays ago, Feb. 19, 2011, I helped my Amazing friend Evonne put on a scrapbook fundraiser for her RIDE to conquer cancer.  What a success it was!  Evonne picked the theme ‘family’ since she’s doing the ride (cycling from the Peach Arc Border Crossing all the way to Seattle!) for a her friend’s brother’s battle with cancer.  Sadly, he has passed away last year, but Evonne and her team are dedicated to do this RIDE every year!

Evonne also loves to scrapbook, so she asked me if it was possible to put on a scrapbook fundraiser, where I would donate my time and cut up all the mini scrapbook templates for everyone to use and put pictures of their families in them! 🙂  I must say…everyone LOVED the project! 🙂  Just check out the pictures below!

Evonne, Claudia and Gurpreet did some baking for a bake sale that we also had!  Oh my…..those cupcakes…where TO DIE FOR!  soooo delicious!

and Dive right into scrapbooking we go!

Kent is SO SUPPORTIVE!  He was the only guy there, and everyone was SO IMPRESSED WITH HIM! and how creative he was with his own family scrap book! 🙂  That’s my boyfriend! I love you! xoxo

Everyone Busy making their books….

trim, cut, glue, punch! and REPEAT! hehe

Evonne caught us enjoying some of the sweets! hehe with donations to the great cause of course! 🙂

Evonne, Claudia and her sister Barbra very happy with their scrapbooks!

Laurie created a scrapbook of her dog!

You know.. I was so excited about this day that I personally forgot to bring my own cameras to take pictures of all the AWESOME scrapbooks that everyone made!  So I want to Thank Evonne for giving me her pictures and allowing me to post them!

To find out more about the RIDE that Evonne is doing please visit her page:


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