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January 7, 2011

HI Everyone!

I would like you ALL TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS for FEB.19TH.  It’s a saturday…so book it off!!  One of my friends (Evonne) is trying to raise money for the Ride to Conquer Cancer down to Seattle this year.  And since she LOVES to scrapbook….we’re holding a SCRAPBOOK FUNDRAISER! (Location:TBA)

Here’s the sample scrapbook that we’ll be making:

BUT the one you make won’t look the same because there will be many different colors to choose from that day and the THEME IS FAMILY!


Evonne’s Blurb:

hi Everyone,

As you probably know, I have joined ROCKY’S ROCKSTARS in the epic journey to Conquer Cancer on June 18th & 19th, 2011. With a team goal of $10,500.00, we are hoping some fundraisers will help get our community involved.

This is a fun event for everyone to come out to do:D

All Materials will be supplied for this event…and even some direction! Everyone will walk home with their very own, hand-made Scrapbook to personalize and enjoy. The theme will be about FAMILY, so many bright colours to work with.

Please bring 8 PHOTOS (more if you can’t decided which ones you love and we’ll help you pick!) for your mini scrapbook, so that we can crop it to the correct size while you’re making the scrapbook.

Please RSVP as a pre-paid system will take place to ensure there will be enough supplies ordered for everyone to enjoy their complete package.

Cost: $20

Bring a friend along with you or even several!!



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