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Tutorial for Scallop “flower”

October 24, 2010

Hi Everyone,

So I had a couple of questions about how to make the scallop flower that I made for Kent’s music birthday card last week.  Sorry my instructions weren’t the best, but I was in a rush.  I had a bit of time today, so I thought I’d put up a tutorial on how to make the flower.

You start of with your scallop punch (or whatever scallop size you may have) and you punch out two of them.  You’ll also need a ruler, glue and a scoring tool.

Next you line up your ruler along the inside grove of the scallop so that you can score a line straight across.

Continue along the circle and score lines along all the groves for the whole circle so that there’s a point in the middle.

Then cut the scallop circle down the middle so that you have four parts.

Then start folding along the scored lines, back and forth.

When you’ve finished going back and forth you’ll get 1/4 of your flower completed.  So repeat with your other halves to get 4 completed pieces.

Then pick one 1/4 and put some glue on one of the flaps.

Then take another 1/4 and glue then together.  Repeat with the other pieces until it’s all glued together.  It doesn’t matter which side you put the glue on because they all match together.

I hope that was much easier to understand! 🙂


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