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An Unconventional Halloween

August 30, 2010

Good Sunday afternoon everyone!

I used to love halloween.  Who didn’t?  You got to dress up and be whoever you wanted to be for a whole night and get free candy!  Then when you get home, you get to eat all the candy you wanted!  Well… until my mom said I had to pace myself otherwise all my teeth would fall out… Then she’d commence in stealing all my oh henry and coffee crisp bars lol

To be honest, I haven’t been an active participant in this Hallow Holiday for many years… I dabbled in a bit of club hopping in University…but that’s not really the spirit of Halloween is it?  It’s all about the magic of the night.  The mysteriousness of who is behind that mask..and for those who who are braver…it’s about the ghosts and goblins that come out to play…. I’m not brave…so I’ll stick with the general yah for free candy and lets rock this costume spirit! lol

I didn’t want to make a conventional black and orange halloween card… and to be honest, I don’t have many halloween related stamps! lol  But.. with a little help of a new found technique (learnt from Kari Metzger) and a MoJO Monday sketch (closed sketch)…..I thought I’d give it a go:

I think purple and black are AWESOME Halloween colors…..very rockeR style.. 🙂

I embossed the crown with silver

I really am enjoying the new paisley stampset in the mini catalog (coming out sept 01!)

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