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May 26, 2010

Yah!!! Guess what I did this weekend? CHORES! lol well they’re good chores because it’s summertime which means….BBQ’S AND SUN AND FUN AND TONS OF HOT HOT HOT! lol  So, since my living room was getting a bit crowded with ALL my crafting tools and paper and stamps and ink pads and the list goes on and on.. LOL I decided to change my basement into a Crafting Zone! YES ladies.. I did it! 🙂  and it’s so much better with the EXTRA space! 🙂  I now have SHELVES for my stamps, ink pads, accessories and what not.  I have a DISPLAY SHELF!  and I added some bars on the walls for my punches (this idea came from Kari because she’s super duper awesome and just turned HER basement into a crafting studio)  Mine isn’t as fabulous as hers..YET, but it’s a good start! 🙂  Check it out!

This is where my desk is, to the left is the shelf for most of my supplies, to the write you can see a wire tray, which will become my paper sorter/organizer (just got my hanging folders today for labeling) and as you can see a huge utility table in the middle of the room so I can hold my workshops, events/clubs! YAH! 🙂  We get to sit in normal sized chairs!  LOL because before this table…everyone just squeezed in around my coffee table in my living room, which is very big for a coffee table and did it’s job, but it can be very uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

This is the other side of the room, with my display shelf and bars on the wall to hang my punches and what nots in the the baskets!  I”m SO EXCITED about this space!!! 🙂  I can potentially have about 12 people in here and if i tried really hard, possibly more!  But since I’m just starting off this will do very well indeed! 🙂  I hope my parents don’t get upset that I’ve turned their basement into my craft zone when they come back to visit me in July! LOL

awww and this is to the right of my desk, a very old couch that I didn’t have the heart to get rid of because it’s also a nice place for my BF (Kent) to chill with me and nap because he helped me out by drilling holes in the wall and moving my old books/school stuff out of the basement to make this room usable as a craft area 🙂  I Love You! xoxo

Something else I’m super excited about is OUR NEW PATIO!  Well it’s located at my Kent’s apartment, but I’m there 50% of the time anyways LOL.  So I just wanted to show you guys what we did EARLIER in the day before I finished my craft zone 🙂

Isn’t it pretty? We bought the floors from Ikea and weather stained it to protect the wood.  Ikea recommended that we oil it every few months, however, when we were at home depot they said they don’t carry any oils so we just decided it was probably easier to stain it and weather protect it anyways.  So we spend majority of Monday morning doing that… went to my place to finish up my basement and then went back to Kent’s to have a yummy BBQ! and enjoy the new Patio!

I hope there’s more sun in the forecast because it was a bit chilly last night LOL, but the burgers and corn on the cob was fabulous! 🙂

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